George Evans is a trans activist and speaker and Co-Chair of RSK Pride.

 What is your professional background?

I’m a digital designer by day and trans activist by night!

You are Co-Chair of RSK Pride, the RSK Group’s LGBT network. What does that role involve?

As Co-Chair, I’m responsible for the operation of running RSK Group’s internal LGBTQ+ network and committee. Our mission is to ensure that RSK is a welcoming, inclusive and a safe environment where its lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer community members can thrive and that all voices in the LGBTQ+ community are heard and represented.

Why and when did you decide to transition and what challenges did you encounter on the way?

I realised I was trans after watching a number of “coming out” videos on YouTube over a decade ago now, when I was around 18/19 years-old. I was coming to terms with my sexuality at the time, but I just couldn’t for the life of me connect with any of the gay women I came across online who were sharing their sexuality stories.

I never associated myself with being gay… it makes sense now, seeing as I’m now considered a straight man!

When in my rabbit hole of YouTube coming out videos, I came across a guy, who I assumed was a gay man talking about his coming out story, when it turns out it was in fact a trans man talking about his transition from female to male… Everything he said spoke to me and I could finally relate to somebody. It honestly changed my life. That’s when I knew I had to do something about it…

 And perhaps more importantly what joys did you encounter on the way?

When I began to socially transition, I experienced gender euphoria. Getting my first binder and wearing T-shirts was a whole other feeling. I could finally dress how I wanted and my body wearing clothes finally appeared how I wanted it to.

The real joys started when I began my physical changes after beginning testosterone. I remember screaming in my car alone because my voice was breaking. I thought it was hilarious and I remember being so excited about it! Growing facial hair has by far been one of my favourite physical changes to my body, also gaining more muscles and strength is a huge plus too!

The ultimate joy has to be finally having people read me as the gender I want to be read as. Hearing “sir” when I go to restaurants still makes me giggle.

It can be argued that trans people have become more accepted and recognised in the past few years. Do you think that is true and what more needs to be done?

I think trans people have definitely become more accepted in society, not entirely, but somewhat. I feel like it’s still a very 50/50 mix of opinions when you ask a group of people their stance on trans people, especially when it comes to using bathrooms and playing sports… We still have a whole lot of work to do in regards to fighting for trans rights. We’re yet to win our fight!

 What’s a typical day day in the life of George Evans?

Honestly, a typical day in my life is pretty boring! I do the school runs for my step-daughter, work a 9-to-5 job from the comfort of my own home as a digital designer for a company that cares a lot about the environment, all whilst working right next to my pet tortoise Leo.

On my lunch breaks I take my little sausage dog Luna (my pride and joy) on walks around our local pond or the beach, because she’s genuinely obsessed with the sand (not so much the water…) or I’ll go cuddle her in bed and watch TikTok like every millennial does these days.

If I’m not in work I’m either hiking up a mountain or renovating our house with the love of my life, my fiancée and best friend Rhi, who I’ve been with for nearly six years now!

Describe George Evans in three words.

Relatable. Friendly. Goofball.