What is your professional background?

I’m a solicitor with nearly 15 years’ experience specialising in private client work.  

yOU ARE A CONSULTANT SOLICITOR WITH nexa law and director of sherlock legal consulting. What services do nexa and sherlock legal consulting offer the lgbt+ commmunity? 

I started my company as a platform to provide a safe space for members of the community and our allies to access advice on wills, lasting powers of attorney and estate administration.  The work I do for clients is conducted via nexa law, a new model law firm strong on diversity.  As part of nexa I can provide my services flexibly where and when is convenient for my clients.  

You are also a committee member of the LGBT+ Lawyers Division. What is the LGBT+ Lawyers Division and what does it do?

The LGBT+ Lawyers Division was founded in 2016.  It the opportunity for LGBT+ Lawyers to have their voices heard; I felt it was important to be involved so I joined the committee in March 2020.  The Division engages with its members to share best practice and address current issues in a supportive environment.  This includes campaigning, engaging with other community groups, providing peer support, and delivering news, regulatory and management information.

How important do you think it is for a person to be out as a member of the LGBT+ community both in the workplace and in the wider environment and what advantages can it bring?

For me it’s incredibly important to be able to be out in all areas of my life so I can bring my whole self to work.  Recent research by The Law Society identified a lack of LGBT+ role models at work being a pressing issue for LGBT+ Lawyers and I feel compelled to help fill that gap.  We need to normalise being comfortable being yourself; there should be no fear of coming out and the effect this may have on your career.  

Have you or your colleagues ever felt discrimination? And how do you think discrimination should be tackled in any work place?

During LGBT+ History Month 2021, The Law Society conducted research into the experiences of LGBT+ lawyers resulting in the Pride in the Law Report.  Sadly, some of my colleagues are still experiencing discrimination, with over a third of the respondents saying they had experienced homophobia, biphobia or transphobia in their workplace.  This can be tackled by changing workplace culture to make it inclusive.  Those in leadership positions need to show that that they are supportive of LGBT+ members of staff, with clear policies in place to deal with discrimination, a visible commitment to equality, ensuring that confidential support and the ability to raise concerns anonymously is readily available. 

In the past few years we’ve seen great advances in LGBT+ rights. What more needs to be done?

Much more work needs to be done to support the trans, non-binary and gender diverse members of the community. Their rights are still being vehemently fought for and we are decades behind the progress made for LGB people.


In 2019 I got my full motorbike licence.  I’d always fancied riding but thought I was too clumsy.  I try to set myself a challenge each year to try something new so I booked my CBT course for early January.  It was an easy road in March I passed my mod 1 test first time and in April passed my mod 2 test second time.  Huge thanks to BMW Rider Training and my husband for their support.


I’m not sure I have a typical day!  My company started trading in April and right now I’m mixing my own client work via nexa law with some locum work, as well as working on marketing and business development.

Generally, I start the day by checking my emails, deal with anything urgent and update my to do list. I also try to check work-related social media first thing, responding to messages and posts.  At this point my dog usually starts “arooing” at me, so we go for a walk in the local woods. The rest of the day is a mix of client work and business development.  Some days I have meetings away from home or events to attend.  Very few days look exactly the same right now, but it’s this flexibility with my schedule that allows me to provide the best service I can to my clients.