LGBTQ+ Inclusion Consultant, Life Coach and Official Pride Host


How important do you think it is for an LGBTQ+ person to be “out” at work?
When a person can be their true authentic self in everyday life and work, they can be the best version of themselves. This is why I take every opportunity to positively promote people from the LGBTQ+ community with the media and through all strands of my work. Benefits of visibility for an organisation include increased staff productivity and staff retainment; it can also see increased profits from valued LGBTQ+ customers and allies. Most importantly it creates a positive reputation for having an inclusive workplace.

What steps can an employer take to create a genuinely inclusive and diverse work force?
Quick tips, from my CPD-accredited Everyday Pride Training programme – implementing mandatory LGBTQ+ Inclusion & Diversity training: updating their policies to be in line with the Equality Act with examples, i.e. stating they will not tolerate racism, sexism, or homophobia, biphobia and transphobia (HBT discrimination); employing diverse talent; creating Allyship programmes and Diversity Networks which will help to create inclusive environments.

In the past years we have seen great advances in LGBTQ+ rights both in the workplace and in the wider community. What else needs to be done?
Ultimately, tackling discrimination is all of our responsibility at various levels and this is why Allyship is so important. We have come a long way; however, people can become complacent with the LGBTQ+ rights we currently have. Sadly, HBT discrimination and crime reports are still high. This shows that there needs to be compulsory LGBTQ+ education and awareness in schools and the workplace. Laws need tightening up, especially with a ban on conversion therapy and more trans and gender non-conforming rights in the UK (and the world!).

What has been your proudest achievement? And what do you consider your greatest challenge?
Apart from being a proud mum, as a Londoner, hosting the “triple three” at Pride in London 2019. I opened the Pride March with running commentary on their podiums for the parade, then hosted on the Trafalgar Square Stage, finishing off with hosting on the Diva women’s stage at Leicester Square. As an out and proud lesbian and influencer, being visible on the Trafalgar Square Pride stage, asking my LGBTQ+ Siblings to stand with me against HBT discrimination and to be proud of who they are everyday, whilst seeing them cheering back and waving their Pride flags, is a moment I will never forget! Having “Everyday Pride” for everyone is the challenge but I’m working on it!