Pride Network Leader, Allianz


You describe yourself as an ambassador for transwomen and transpeople in the corporate world. What does that involve?
Basically to change the bias around corporate workers and workplaces. The corporate world is full of some of the most incredibly talented and diverse people. It is no longer men in suits and woman sat on reception, it is now a career for everyone from all walks of life. It’s important to make changes in the corporate environment for the next generation to feel confident in being different and being able to apply for jobs in businesses they normally would steer away from. My own experience of being a transgender woman will hopefully inspire future transgender people to step out and not be afraid of making changes where they work.

When you came out as trans, what reaction did you receive from your work colleagues?
Honesty was applauded; it felt like I was being awarded for finally being myself and embracing myself. I was surrounded by love, support and have found that even with the challenges we were able to change things and really make a difference and lead the way to truly supporting transgender employees.

Over the past few years transpeople have become more visible, and, arguably, more accepted in the general and the corporate world. What changes should there still be to come?
I agree 100% with how more visible transgender woman are and accepted, but I do feel we can change what type of visibility. Every company can make posters and show a transgender woman or man standing proud and that is amazing, but for me I would love to see higher transgender people, a CEO or a manager, someone whose voice is not only heard but who has the power to make these changes themselves. You give a person with passion the power to change things, and you’ll be surprised how amazing that change can be.

What is the achievement of which you are the proudest?
Personally, finally living authentically. It’s a scary journey and there are so many more scary things ahead, such as raising money for surgeries and taking on challenges that I know are still there when the world re-opens, but that first step just to say you are you – anyone who does that in any way shape or form is my hero.

Professionally, raising awareness. I have had emails from people from across the globe who I have never spoken to or seen – some heart-rending stories of family members who lost loved ones. To know that in my story and in my pride and journey I am inspiring and helping people find peace, that to me is worth any price, any bonus or wage increase or title I could be given.