Spencer Cooper is a Director of Visual Content Company based in Manchester and the founder of Love Queers.

Who are you?

I’m based in Manchester and am a content creator, podcaster, community builder and a Director at inspired visual content company Super Duper Media Group (SDMG).

 What is your professional background?

Having studied Media and Communications at Goldsmiths University, London – my background consists of both creative and academic which I apply to my role at SDMG. Communication is at the heart of everything I do whether that might be: communication to creatives, clients or community.

 You’re a director at Super Duper Media Group. What does SDMG do and what does your role involve?

SDMG creates inspired visual content for brands and agencies. We help businesses communicate their message to their teams, clients and the world in a way that moves them. My role involves making sure every client, project and team member is managed with ease. I make sure that things run like clockwork and everyone enjoys what they’re doing along the way. Good communication helps me do just that. Working with people is the dream. Learning from and with each other, each and every day has allowed us as a company and me as an individual continue to grow and flourish.

 You also founded Love Queers for which you’ve been nominated for a National Diversity Award. Why Love Queers?

The message is simple… Love Queers. I built this page to help explore my own identity and community and, in doing so, the page has helped connect thousands of individuals and give them a platform to share their truth in a space that is free from hate and judgment. In the last few years, my dear friend Paula Harrowing has helped me to elevate the platform in so many ways. From representing those who are often forgotten to running a campaign that will provide trans+ and non-binary people with much needed gender affirming items.

 You say Love Queers is “a space created to amplify the voices of LGBTQ+ individuals from around the globe” Arguably we’ve gotten past the stage of the “love that dares not speak its name” by now. Or have we? How do you go about amplifying our voices?

Whether you look at mainstream media, workplaces or even within the LGBTQ+ community – so many queer stories are erased and forgotten. Love Queers is about platforming the voices and stories that need to be shared. There are a lot of brilliant individuals who are doing crucial work in our community who go unseen, unheard and unrecognised for their contributions. Our aim is to support as many people as possible to help inspire hope and enrich the lives of queer people. We so often see doom and gloom in the media surrounding our lives and we want people to see the light that exists within so much of our community.

 On either a personal or professional level what do you consider to be your greatest achievement?

My greatest achievement to date is building a chosen family that has allowed me to flourish in what I do. Whether that be at work or through Love Queers I have shoulders to cry on, sounding boards, personal cheerleaders and the best teammates for life. Without Paula, Jo, Nick, Dean, Charlotte Dwayne and Chris I wouldn’t be able to achieve any of the things I have.

 What’s a typical day in the life of Spencer Cooper?

I’m a workaholic that loves belting out songs at the office, at home and in the streets. You will usually find me sat at my desk chatting to clients, managing projects, recording my podcast or creating content. Accompanying me through all of this is a group of gorgeous individuals on video call for hours at a time. Everything I do throughout my day is about collaboration and ideating off each other.

All of this topped off with a slice of cake.

 Pride: party or politics?

Both. Pride to me is about connection. Connecting with our roots. Connecting with our history and connecting with our people. Pride is a journey that hits some people harder than others and so our aim with Love Queers is to encourage as many people as possible to seek hope, inspiration and pride in what is truly a beautiful and flourishing community.

 Sum Spencer Cooper up in three words.

Loyal. Loud. Liberated.