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Pope allegedly repeats gay slur

Pope allegedly repeats gay slur

Only weeks after apologising for using the offensive term frociaggine to describe gay men, the Pope has allegedly repeated the slur.

Newspaper Corriere della Sera reports that, in a meeting on Tuesday with priests in Rome, the 87-year-old pontiff allegedly said: “There is too much frociaggine here in the Vatican.”

The term can be translated as “fa**otry” and is an abusive term for gay men.

After his first use of the term on 27 May, the Vatican issued a statement apologising for Pope Francis’s use of the word.

It said that he had not meant to cause any offence and suggested that his use of the Italian slang word was due to Italian not being his native language.

Despite what some see as his more liberal attitudes to homosexuality, compared to his predecessors, the Pope still rules that gay people should not be allowed into the priesthood.

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