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#YouAreIncluded is the theme of this year’s WorldPride and EuroGames in Copenhagen and Malmö. Pride Life has been talking to people who are committed to working 24/7 for an inclusive and diverse society for LGBTI+ people and their allies.

With this in mind, Pride Life Global has created the Pride Life Global Certificate of Diversity Practices (CODP), a first-of-its-kind and definitive certification awarded only to those trailblazing individuals and organisations who have demonstrated and continue to demonstrate to the LGBTI+ community their unswerving commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion.

Together in solidarity we will be pro-active in bringing an end to pinkwashing and tokenism towards the LGBTI+ community during and after Pride celebrations and to building a sustainable and inclusive future for us all.

The CODP is awarded to organisations across the UK and around the world that have worked authentically towards creating LGBTI+ inclusive workplaces.

Organisations with a proud and proven record of diversity and inclusivity will be deserving recipients of the Pride Life Global Certificate of Diversity Practices, the ultimate gold standard of LGBTI+ accreditation, authentically respected as part of the Seal of Approval and Executive Leadership Programme.

To find out more about the Pride Life Global Certificate of Diversity Practices click here.

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