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BTS and 5-times that celebs were BANNED for their LGBTQ+ advocacy

BTS and 5-times that celebs were BANNED for their LGBTQ+ advocacy

Being an LGBTQ+ advocate on the world stage is no easy gig. This is 5 times celebrities got in hot water after standing up for LGBTQ+ rights.


BTS and their army have unabashedly stood up for the LGBTQ+ community. A K-pop cafe owner was left shocked when a Russian printing shop refused to print banners featuring the Korean stars. Allegedly, the cafe owners were questioned by staff as to why they “stupidly (support) something that may leave you with no grandchildren”. Adding that they already have enough ‘normal clients’, without needing LGBTQ+ custom. This is just one of the more trivial ways gay propaganda laws have suppressed the LGBTQ+ community in Russia.


The reunion of the American sitcom was fifteen years in the making, and possibly ten years too late (but that’s a story for another day). Fans in China didn’t quite get the full story. It is reported that the Chinese government “expunged all LGBTQ+ references” from the reunion. This made the show several minutes shorter than the 104-minute marathon released on HBO in the US and UK. Celebrity segments cut from the show included Elton John and Lady Gaga. The Chinese clampdown sees “LGBTQ+ content” censored in the same vein as adult and violent content.

Lady Gaga

This comes as no surprise. Lady Gaga is possibly the most vocal advocate for the LGBTQ+ community this past decade. Her overt support for LGBTQ+ people has got her (and her music) banned across the world. Screaming “arrest me, I don’t give a f…” at her show in Moscow probably didn’t help matters either. It is alleged, after this impassioned speech, Gaga’s Russian visa application was rejected.

Tyler, the Creator

Now technically, Tyler, the Creator wasn’t banned for his advocacy. Despite Tyler identifying as LGBTQ+, ex-British Prime Minister Theresa May banned him from entering the British Isles. This was due to supposed sexist and homophobic lyric content. As someone with a history of voting against gay rights – Theresa May’s decision to ban the Queer R&B star is slightly ironic, to say the least. Tyler made sure he got his own back at the Brits…

Denise Ho

In 2018 two thousand Denise Ho fans were left disappointed in Malaysia. The activist and singer had to cancel her concert in Kuala Lumpur after being refused a visa. A lesbian herself, Ho has always been a public supporter of the Asian LGBTQ+ community. There was never an official reason given for the visa rejection. One official stated, “a number of issues need to be addressed if the artist is brought in for the performance of this country”. Despite this, local officials say “Malaysia welcomes any artist who projects a wholesome value”.

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