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Priscilla back on the Road

Priscilla back on the Road

A sequel to cult camp hit The Adventures of Priscilla Queen of the Desert is set to hit the screens.

Talking to The Guardian, director Stephan Elliott said that it was the perfect time to make a sequel to the original film which starred Terrence Stamp, Guy Pierce and Hugo Weaving as three drag queens who travel Australia in a bus called Priscilla.

“People have been screaming for me to do this for thirty years,” he said. “And suddenly I had the realisation that we’re all getting old. We’re losing people. And with Trump coming in now – it’s all about to erupt again. Somebody said to me, ‘Is this the right time to make this film?’ I said, ‘It is the perfect time to make this film.’”

Stamp, Pierce and Weaving are reported as being”onboard” to reprise their roles as drag queens,  Bernadette, Felicia and Mitzi.

The production will be filmed in Australia and also overseas.

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