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Ban Pride flags, urges Christian group

Ban Pride flags, urges Christian group

With the Pride season now getting under way, a Christian group has called for a ban on displaying the Pride Rainbow and Pride Progress flags in public.

Christian Voice has called for the ban claiming that the Pride flag is “divisive and damaging especially for children”.

It also thinks that the Pride flags stay up too long after Pride Day.

They are organising a petition asking London’s Westminster Council to ban the raising of Pride flags, especially on the main Regent Street shopping thoroughfare

Christian Voice claims that the flags send out a message that “Christians and others with historic beliefs about gender and identity are not welcome.”

It also goes on to say that the issue is not just a Westminster or London matter, as the flag sends out a nationwide message that the LGBTQ+ movement is “in charge and that Christians should stay quiet”.

It believes that the flag signifies an “anything goes” attitude towards sexuality which, it claims, goes against God’s pattern for people’s lives.

Christian Voice then criticises the Progress flag, which, it says, is “even worse” than the Rainbow flag. It considers that the transgender chevrons, which are incorporated into the flag, represent a movement which “has done untold damage to gender-questioning children in recent years”.

It also says that the black and brown stripes on the flag would upset people from ethnic minorities who do not want to be identified with LGBTQ+ people.

It also thinks that the flags are “particularly ugly”.

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