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Pride Life Magazine – Issue 31

Pride Life Magazine – Issue 31

Welcome to the first 2022 issue of Pride Life Magazine. To celebrate, we’ve come up with a bucket list of 22 things you should be doing before the end of the year.


Our cover stars are married couple Jake and Hannah Graf, who talk to us about transgender rights and representation, their transitioning, as well as the joy of starting a family. Theirs is a really life-affirming story.

We’ve come a long way since the first Pride March in London way back in 1972, and, while, as a community, we have finally won most of the rights that should have been ours in the first place, there’s still a lot to be done. 

And that is particularly relevant to the rights and representation of trans, non-binary and gender-diverse people – it’s shocking that at least two in five trans or non-binary people have experienced discrimination at home and in the workplace, some even being subjected to hate crimes and violence.

Fighting for acceptance of the LGBTQ+ community is something our Diversity and Inclusion Advocates have bravely been doing all their lives. In the latest of a regular series of articles we look at some of our friends and allies who are making a difference. Take inspiration from these trailblazers in the LGBTQ+ community.

Just as successful in promoting our community in their own way are the deeply provocative images of queer photographer Romain Berger, and the work of trans rights activist and street artist Samo.

And finally,we preview this year’s Gay Cup Final, where we look at some of the acts which will be appearing in the Eurovision Song Contest in Turin this year, as well as remembering some of those classic Euro Winners. Will Sam Ryder and the UK get null points this year again?

After the lockdowns of the past few years, Prides are back on a roll, and there’s bound to be an event near you from the mega-Prides to the more laid-back family-orientated events. Support them – they are all run by hard-working volunteers and they’re great fun as well as increasing LGBTQ+ visibility nationally.

Pride Life is a proud partner of this year’s Pride in London on 02 July 2022, where we will be celebrating 50 years of Prides in London and we will be publishing the official guide in June. Keep a look out for it in all your favourite LGBTQ+ venues..

See you there – with love and Pride!


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