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Storm over LGB Alliance presence at Tory conference

Storm over LGB Alliance presence at Tory conference

A row has broken out over the presence of the controversial LGB Alliance at this year’s Conservative Party conference in Manchester.

The Alliance, which has recently been awarded charity status, has been accused of being transphobic in their official line that lesbian, gay and bisexual rights are different to trans rights.

The Alliance was recently refused a presence at Labour’s conference in Brighton.

Jessica Zbinden-Webster, former Head of Women of the LGBT+ Conservatives grouping, told ITV News: “It is disappointing to learn that the LGB Alliance has been offered a prominent stand at the 2021 Conservative Party Conference.

“In my view – a view many other cisgender women share – there is no LGB without the T.

“LGBT+ Conservatives stands in solidarity with trans women and men, as well as our non-binary community.”

In a tweet, the LGB Alliance said, “Looking at the reactions to LGB Alliance having a stand at the conference: we see freedom of speech again under attack. We invite those who disagree with us to engage with the substance of our positions.”

The prime minister’s wife, Carrie Johnson, is due to give a speech to the Conservative Party’s LGBTQ+ group at this year’s conference.

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