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Amazon to show gay rugby doc

Amazon to show gay rugby doc

Amazon Prime Video is to premiere a new documentary on the world’s first gay and inclusive rugby club.

Steelers follows the King’s Cross Steelers in 2018 as they compete with 60 other gay clubs in the Bingham Cup in Amsterdam.

The film will focus on the personal stories of three characters.

Gay female coach and former international player for Wales Nic Evans is facing misogyny in a sport that has largely been seen as a male-dominated sport; Birmingham rugby fan Simon Jones is dealing with his own conflicts after recently coming out; and aspiring drag queen Andrew McDonnell teaches viewers to live their lives as they truly are.

Eammon Ashton-Atkinson, the film’s director and former Steelers player, stressed that the film is not just for rugby fans, or even LGBTQ+ people.

“It’s a story for anyone who has felt like they don’t belong or isn’t living the life they want to be living,” he said. “I hope this film inspires people to try something they may have been afraid of giving a go before.

“The fact that Prime Video will beam this documentary into homes across the UK is incredible. If this helps one person who may be suffering with their mental health, or helps someone from the LGBTQ+ community feel like they belong, then making this film will have all been worth it.”

Martin Backlund, Head of Content, UK Prime Video, said: “Steelers is a frank, honest and uplifting documentary that shows how a shared community can provide hope and a sense of belonging. I know Prime members in the UK and Ireland will be inspired by the personal stories within and the important issues it tackles.”

Steelers will show on Amazon Prime Video in the UK and Ireland from 16 April 2021.

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