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Australian missionary in LGBT row

Australian missionary in LGBT row

An Australian Baptist missionary in a small church in Newquay in Cornwall has entered into a massive row with the local LGBT community and a Labour councilor has even be suggested that he be deported back to Australia.

The row began when Josh Williamson responded to a local news report Rainbow Fest, a local Pride event, had been cancelled, and commented on the Cornwall Live website “wonderful news!”

When asked why he though the news was wonderful, he replied, “Because I do not think sin should be celebrated, and quoted from the Bible. He was also quoted by Cornwall Live that “there is no such thing as a gay Christian”.

However, speaking to Christian newspaper Eternity, he said that he was referring just to “practising homosexuals who are engaging in same-sex relationships”.

He claimed that the local LGB community had protested outside the church threatened violence or burning down the church and even orgies on the premises.

In a statement Cornwall Pride said “We all have to be open, tot different opinions and views from many groups and many people. However when opinions and comments are as negative as the ones shared they become both harmful and damaging t or community.” However local councilor Stephen Hick has written to Home Secretary Pritti Patel requesting that she deport  him.”I believe you should pay careful consideration to the misconduct of this preacher in the UK and whether he meets the criteria for removal.”

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