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Kevin Spacey faces sexual assault charges

Kevin Spacey faces sexual assault charges

Actor Anthony Rapp and another man have filed a lawsuit against Kevin Spacey claiming the actor sexually assaulted them when they were teenagers.

Rapp claims that Spacey, then 26, made a sexual advance on him when he was 14 at a Broadway cast party.

The lawsuit stated further that Rapp has suffered “sustained psychological injuries,” including “distress, humiliation, fright, anger, depression and anxiety.”

The other man, known only as CD alleges that Spacey had sex with him n the actor’s apartment when he was 12 years old.

In a statement to entrainment website Deadline, their lawyer Peter Saghir, said that the legal action “sends a strong message that no matter how wealthy, powerful or famous you may be, you are not above the law.”

Spacey has denied the claims and in a tweet said that he cannot recall the alleged incident with Rapp, but went on to say that if I did happen he owed him the “sincerest apology” for his “deeply drunken and inappropriate behaviour.”

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