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Mum sues school over Pride march

Mum sues school over Pride march

A born-again Christian mother, Izzy Montague, is suing a school after claiming her four-year-old son was forced to take part in a gay Pride march.

Montague told the Central London County Court that Heavers Farm Primary School in South Norwood, London had sent a letter to parents inviting their children to take part in the march “to celebrate the differences that make them and their family so special”.

Her request to the school asking for her child to be excused was rejected.

Mrs Montague later met the school’s head. During the meeting, the head’s daughter was wearing a T-shirt with the slogan: “Why be racist, sexist, homophobic, or transphobic when you could just be quiet?” the court was told.

Judge Christopher Latham told the court that Mrs Montague and her husband believed that all sexual relationships should be between a man and a woman in marriage, and anything else was sinful.

He added: “They also say pride is considered to be the most serious of the deadly sins.”

In her evidence Mrs Montague said that the letter “felt like it was lecturing me about something to do with British values and somehow we weren’t adhering to British values.

“I clearly was not in the know about it, but this was the way, in my opinion, to try to indoctrinate it onto us by passing it off that it was part of law or part of British values, or it was part of the national curriculum, it was trying to sell something no one wanted to buy.’

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