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The LGBTQ+ can’t stop making great new music!

The LGBTQ+ can’t stop making great new music!

Lynks & Grove – BBB

Pride Life HQ favourite, Lynks, described themselves as a “massive stan for Grove”, and anyone who has seen Grove perform live would concur. BBB is the collaborative single from the pair which embraces their queerness, and certifies them both as the undisputed big bad bitches of Bristol and London. This single feels like a moment, we’re just not sure what that moment is yet. What we do know is Grove and Lynks are THAT dangerous queer alliance they warned us about, take note.

Years and Years – Crave

In 2021, it was announced that Years and Years would become a solo endeavour for Olly Alexander. Perhaps the most identifiable queer artist in the British media – Alexander’s solo journey took off with a bang. Past and present, everything Years and Years have released has referenced the legendary dance music that comes before it. Crave is not exempt from that, a bop about the darker side of love and uncertainty that can come from loving too hard. The only thing we Crave is more music like this from the solo outfit!

Ezra Furman – Trans Mantra

Ezra Furman is renowned within the music industry, as the songwriters, songwriter. There are very few people who can capture a story, vibe and melody like she can – live and on the record. She has remained a cult figure within the industry, for others though, Furman might be best known as the soundtrack of Netflix’s hit, Sex Education. Trans Mantra might be the best track Furman has penned for the series yet. When asked about the release she said: “I’m proud of this music and I feel so lucky to be involved in Sex Education. Now lets all watch and root for the queers”.

Josef – Fire

Josef gained notoriety with his ‘BBC Sound of 2020’ nomination in 2019. Now in 2021, the bisexual singer from Glasgow’s east end has released his best single to date. Only, in his mid-20s, Josef has an ear for melody and harmony. With a repertoire of jazzy mellow music and an abundance of

GIRLI – Ruthless

GIRLI has been on the scene a hot minute, London through and through, she has been built a reputation for her unabashed feminist pop, in the countries capital. The 23-year-old identifies as queer and has always looked to fashion as another form of expression. Although, she’s not shy. GIRLI’s latest single, Ruthless, is a reminder that she takes no prisoners. But also a nod to her often overlooked musicianship, which is on full display throughout.

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