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Flamboyant Flamingo Fathers

Flamboyant Flamingo Fathers

When a flamingo egg got abandoned by its biological parents at Whipsnade Zoo, keepers knew they already had the perfect adoptive parents amongst their flamboyance (the collective noun for a group of flamingos.)

Hudson and Blaze, a gay male flamingo couple, were the clear choice to take the incubated egg under their wings. They had proven themselves as ideal adoptive parents in the past and always take excellent care of their shared nest.

Tim Savage, the Bird Team Leader, explained that “flamingos usually work together, as a monogamous pair, to care for their eggs and (any) subsequent chicks” and that Hudson and Blaze were no exception. “After the chick hatched in their nest, they sat with it for two weeks, keeping it warm and protecting it from other flamingos, who often squabble and shove around different nest sites.”

Why not pay the young family a visit at Whipsnade Zoo this summer?

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