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International Non-Binary Day

International Non-Binary Day

Today 14 July is International Non-Binary People’s Day.

Set precisely between International Men’s Day and International Women’s Day, the day was first celebrated in 2012, and was created by activist Katje van Loon.

It aims to celebrate the lives of non-binary people and to raise awareness of non-binary people and the issues and challenges which may face them

In May this year, over 138,000 individuals signed a petition demanding that non-binary should be legally recognised as a gender identity in the UK.

Most countries, including the UK, do not recognise non-binary people as a legal gender.

However, Australia, Bangladesh, Canada, Denmark the Netherlands and New Zealand do carry a non-binary option on passports.

Learn more about being non-binary in the UK at: Being non-binary in the UK today | Stonewall

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