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Marvel’s newest trans superhero has ‘mighty mutant’ powers!

Marvel’s newest trans superhero has ‘mighty mutant’ powers!

Shela Sexton, AKA Escapade, will make her debut as part of @Marvel’s Voice: Pride Anthology, which debuts on 22nd June. Escapade and her best friend Morgan are part of a community of trans mutants. “It was really important to me to have a whole community of trans mutants in this comic… I wanted it to be super clear that being a mutant is not a metaphor for being trans, and vice versa” co-creator and trans writer Charlie Jane Anders told

Escapade’s powers allow her to do seriously cool ‘switcharoos’ “If you’re holding her at gunpoint, she can reverse it so she’s holding you at gunpoint,” explained Anders “If you’re the Mayor of New York and she gets close to you, she can become the Mayor of New York for a while.”

Did you know that transgender characters are nothing new to Marvel? Jessica Drake paved the way when she debuted in Marvel Presents #150, 25 years ago.

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