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Pride Life Presents… Annie Wallace

Pride Life Presents… Annie Wallace

In this episode, Annie Wallace takes time out of her busy schedule on Hollyoaks to have a tete a tete with Saski. They discuss her journey into TV, her opinions, and what it was like to come out in the 80s.

She addresses the state of the telly industry back then and how it has evolved since. The perspectives of society about trans issues have changed as a result of her part in playing her character on Hollyoaks which ultimately led to legislation being changed in the UK to protect trans people.

In this episode, you will find out what happened when Annie met Julia Grant, the only other trans woman she had to look up to on the screen.

In the episode, you’ll find out why Annie adores Manchester so much, what it was that really persuaded her to come out and what her specialist subject was on Mastermind. This episode really gives a great insight into who Annie Wallace really is and what she gets up to when the cameras are turned off. We loved having her on the show, so thank you so much Annie for coming on the show! Don’t forget to subscribe to Pride Life Presents…

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