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Superman is bisexual

Superman is bisexual

Jon Kent, the latest incarnation of Superman, is bisexual, DC Comics announced yesterday on National Coming Out Day.

Jon, who is the son of original Superman Clark Kent and reporter Lois Lane, will embark on a same-sex relationship with his friend, pink-haired reporter Jay Nakamura, in issue 5 of Superman: Son of Kal-El which publishes in November.

The book is written by Tom Taylor who told the BBC that DC Comics had already been considering a same-sex story before he pitched the idea to them.

“Five years ago this would have been more difficult, but I think things have shifted in a really welcome way,” he said.

“We have people saying they read this news today and burst into tears – people saying they never thought in their life that they would be able to see themselves in Superman, literally the most powerful superhero in comics.”

Superman’s coming out as bisexual follows Batman sidekick Robin’s who also came out earlier this year.

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