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Rugby star comes out as bisexual

Rugby star comes out as bisexual

English rugby star Levi Davis has come out as bisexual

The 22-year-old old who played for Bath and now plays for Ealing Trailfinders, and has also appeared on Celebrity X Factor, told the Mail on Sunday that he had messaged his Bath team mates to tell them that he was bisexual in April.

He said that his mental health had been suffering by keeping his bisexuality a secret and that coming out had made him “really, really happy” and that at last he could be himself.

“Sometimes I feel it would be easier if I was gay and nothing else,” he told the newspaper. “Then I could identify myself and it would be easier to explain. As it is, I’m in a kind of vacuum. My family have reservations about me going public, but they love me and they support me, and for me that’s all that matters. I love them.”

He also said that there were other gay or bi players in the sport.

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